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Want to drift through the cosmos in an interstellar train? Fly on a magic carpet over a snake-infested desert? Battle a fire-breathing dragon in a magic forest?

Then book one of our competitively-priced film and animation workshops for your school or club! We use a combination of stop-motion animation and green-screen special effects to let children enter the world they have imagined and act out an adventure.

For horror fans, we run zombie-movie workshops – learn about gory special-effects and make-up and appear in your own zombie sketch.
Sculpting Light Films (the not-for-profit arm of Lumiere Productions) ploughs all profit back into subsidising community enterprises so we can keep prices low.

The work children produce at our workshops reflects their interest and engagement: they learn through play, and the expression of their natural creativity is channelled into the  production of a fun and enduring memento. There are links to literacy, art, social development and inclusivity: every child can be a part of the creation of something unique.
We also offer


  1. small-group workshops in editing, pre and post-production for older children and staff,

  2.  a technical support service whereby Sculpting Light will assess the school’s equipment, explain what can be achieved with it and its limitations, advise on equipment that needs to be purchased and offer training to maximise the potential of the resources available. For one local school, an investment of £300 and a day’s staff training saved thousands of pounds.

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We have run workshops at schools throughout the South West, helping children to produce mini-movies on a colourful spectrum of themes: fairytales, space, pirates, flying carpets, knights, dragons. For Australia Day we produced an animation of the dreamtime story, Tiddalik the Frog, with pupils from St. George’s Primary School.

We work with primary and secondary schools, and with a variety of clubs and organisations including the Scouts and Guides, we have provided animation for The Plough’s Youth Theatre and were part of the Government-run Don’t Stop Me Now directory, bringing fabulous activities to children from low-income families.

Sculpting Light Films is a not-for-profit organisation.

All funds go towards facilitating our community projects.